0214 – Magnetic Money Clip



Sleek and stylish, the Magnetic Money Clip has feathered, stitched, hand burnished and painted edges. The magnets used are very strong, capable of comfortably holding 12 to 15 bills at a time. These magnets have been backed with steel plates, so that the polarity is drawn to the middle of the clip. Both the front and back of the clip are leather or exotic skin.  A description of the leather is embossed on the interior. 

The Magnetic Money Clip is available in a variety of colors and skins including: Glazed and Matte American Alligator; Caiman Crocodile; Ostrich; Shark; Lizard; and Calfskin Leather.

Size: 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ (Closed View)